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Mainstream Magicians

Mainstream Magicians

The Collusion News Network (CNN) is about to go down.

James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, is in the process of exposing the news media’s production of news (at least at the Collusion News Network). Yes, production, as in a scripted creation.

These mainstream magicians of the news media are creating news to line their pockets and serve their masters. They are the magicians that misdirect the public and create smokescreens for their masters. They are the useful idiots that allow their masters to use and abuse the American public. They are the whores that screw the American people and are the ones that now need to be investigated. They are the ones that need to answer for their lies. They are the ones that love their mind-numbed viewers that cling to their every word. They are the ones that need to be accountable for their lies.

Support the people at Project Veritas!

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