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Can We Ban Stupidity?

Can We Ban Stupidity?

Confederate symbolism, imagery, the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, and ANY former historical figure (Presidents) that had possibly owned a slave, is now being deemed “racist”.

Since stupidity seems to rule nowadays, let’s discuss what else should be banned in the name of “racism”…

BAN and criminalize printed & actual stars (those celestial balls of Plasma in the night sky), the colors red & blue (yes, we will have to ban the sky and the American flag), any statue (since a statue could remind someone of a Confederate statue), and we must also ban the teaching of all history (if the schools haven’t done so already).

General, Robert E. Lee

In the special case that we cannot ban history, we will have to ban all books. However, if banning books proves too difficult, we can just ban reading. But only ban reading for white people since they are the problem. If someone happens to be half-white and half-black, then we will have to mandate that they can only read for half of the day (or half of a book, whichever is shorter).

Oh yeah, we also need to ban whites from voting. However, this will have to be put to a vote (but white people are not allowed to vote on this).

DO NOT BAN anyone here illegally taking our hard-earned money or anyone that could be a potential terrorist, because that would just be stupid.

Hopefully, you understand that everything written above is satirical in nature, however, since stupidity rules nowadays, anything is possible. Maybe we can ban stupidity someday?

If you want to know more about General Lee,

Did Lee own slaves? Yes.


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