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Why Babylonian Brew Exists

There are many things going on, right now, in our world that can cause great distress to our psyche. Career, money, family, politics, war, fake news (what is real, what is not real) fear of the future, etc…

Lately, world events have entered into our lives in a big way and these events are starting to get peoples attention in more than one way. We can’t escape the news of these events, it’s everywhere!

Worry and depression can worsen when we pay attention to the fear-mongering politicians and news outlets that spin the truth in order to keep you (the public) from the evil crap they are participating in behind the scenes.

Why let these things get us down? Why not have fun with them and laugh it off? This is where our videos come in!

Our videos address the issues, while at the same time, poke fun at those that propagate the lies and deception that would normally bring us down.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoy the videos we create and our online community here at the Brew Tavern!

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18 Aug, 2017

None of the recent outrage or protests over Confederate statues is actually based in racism. The prostitutes in the media want us to believe that however, racism is only being used as the vehicle for a much, much larger ...

17 Aug, 2017

Confederate symbolism, imagery, the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, and ANY former historical figure (Presidents) that had possibly owned a slave, is now being deemed “racist”. Since stupidity seems to rule nowad ...

27 Jun, 2017

The Collusion News Network (CNN) is about to go down.James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, is in the process of exposing the news media’s production of news (at least at the Collusion News Network). Yes, production, as ...